9 Ways To Get More Comments On Your Facebook Posts

It’s no secret that Facebook rewards engagement.

The good news is creating engaging content is not rocket science.

Today, we will explore how you can generate a lot of comments and “Likes” on your Facebook posts.

Why Facebook Comments?

Posts with a lot of comments demonstrate a sense of credibility.

Don’t you feel like a rock star when you get tons of comments on your post?

We all do…

Comments on your Facebook posts not only feel good, but they also get you more visibility.

But many times getting your audience to comment on your Facebook posts can be an uphill battle.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

With some tweaks, you can increase engagement on your posts instantly.

The best part is these techniques work for both your Facebook personal and business page.

So now let’s get into the meat.


The Three – E Formula For Getting More Comments On Facebook

This formula is the fundamental of anything you post on Facebook.

If you stick with this formula, your posts are guaranteed to get more comments than ever!

I learned it from Amy Porterfield.

EEE Here Stands For – Educate, Empower, and Entertain.

Any time you are about to post anything on Facebook ask yourself does it Educate, empower or entertain?

And if your post does neither of those things don’t put it on Facebook.

Make sense?

So Here Are A Few Examples Of EEE:

  • How To Solve X Problem – Education  
  • Quotes – Empowerment  
  • Memes – Entertainment

It’s a simple formula but a very powerful one.

So the next question is how to put this formula in action?

It’s easy to understand this formula in theory, but what specific actions you can take to get more comments right now?

Let’s talk about that next…

Here are 9 proven techniques that will instantly increase engagement on your posts: 

1. Ask Questions That Engage:

Asking engaging questions is the quickest and easiest way to get more comments on Facebook.

Questions work so well because answering questions makes us feel better about ourselves.

Here is the thing, if you want to get a few but insightful comments ask difficult questions, but if you want to get a lot of comments ask easy to answer questions.

If you ask a question that takes too much effort on the part of your audience, you won’t get many comments, hence decreasing the overall engagement on your Facebook posts.

Here are a few proven types of questions that have generated loads of comments for me:

Would You Rather Questions:

Example: Would you rather do 100 lunges or 100 Pushups?

Which Is Better Questions:

Example: Which is a better platform Facebook or Instagram?

True or False Questions:

Example: You create your own reality. True or False?

Fill In The Blank:

Example: My all-time favorite TV Show is ______

These are the kind of questions everybody can answer with minimal effort, so you get loads of comments and engagement pretty quickly.


2.Put The Spotlight On Your Audience:

The reason most companies fail to generate engagement on Facebook is because they are focused on themselves.

While there is a time for that, but if you want more comments you should put the spotlight on your audience, and let them shine.

Give your audience an opportunity to talk about themselves, their business, their choices, their suggestions etc.

Here are some prompts to get people talking about themselves:

–    What is that you do, explain without putting a link.

–    Ask a question that you would like advice on.

–    Share what book changed your life and how?

–    Tag a friend who does X

–    How you feel about X?


3. Bribe Them:

If nothing works, resort to bribery.

It rarely fails…

You can give away free tickets, coaching session, a new Tesla lol – basically anything your audience would love.

Your bribe can also be something that solves a problem your client is facing, something you could charge for but choose to give it away, for example a free report.

Here is an excellent example from MK Kabbani he is a master at generating a lot of comments using FB organic posting.


Also when people comment, they feel more connected to you.

Once someone has commented on your post, he is more likely to comment on your future posts and even share it with his friends, resulting in even more engagement.


4. Use Pictures That Capture Attention:

We live in a visual world.

People love pictures, that is why Instagram is growing at such a fast rate.

Human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text.

Since we are visual by nature, images can increase comments on your Facebook posts many folds.

According To Reports, Pictures On Facebook Get:

–    53% more Likes

–    104% more comments

–    84% more click-throughs

Another advantage of using images is people using mobile phones can consume visual posts much faster while scrolling their FB News feed.

But not all images are equal, and there are certain types of images that work better than others.

Here are the types of pictures that are proven to engage your audience:
– Funny Pictures: People Are On Facebook To Have Fun.

So the first step is to capture people’s attention, using funny images is a very powerful way to do that.

You can get engagement by posting random cat pics, but it is much more powerful to use a funny image in a context of your overall marketing strategy.

– Images That Capture People’s Attention:

Any image that breaks the pattern will capture people’s attention. Once you have done that your next job is to combine it with text that can further lead them to your desired action.

– Infographics:

Infographics are hot, they are simply images that educate. You can use infographics to represent your brand story, or your process etc.


5. Harness The Power Of Polarity:

“If you haven’t offended someone by noon each day, then you’re not marketing hard enough”
– Dan Kennedy

Leaders use this strategy all the time to get attention and influence people.

Most people try not to offend anybody with their posts.

Which is opposite of what you should be doing.

It makes your posts vanilla and boring.


According to Facebook any time you post, you are competing with 1,500 other stories in the News Feed.

So if you don’t stick out like a sore thumb, your audience will fail to notice you.

A powerful way to get noticed is to identify a person, company, or anything your audience hates, and then rant about it.

If done correctly you will attract super fans, fans who will comment on everything you post.

Just because you are raising your voice against the frustrations your audience feels but can’t express.

Some people will hate your posts, but they will still comment to express their anger.

While others will love your posts, and comment on it to express their gratitude.

When you harness the power of polarity typically your readers will fall in these three groups:

–    Those who agree with you (They will thank you in their comment).

–    Those who are neutral (They will watch like a spectator).

–    Those who disagree with you (They will post comments attacking you).

The good news is your super fans will start taking a stand for you and defend you from attackers, creating even more engagement on your posts.

Unless haters cross the line, don’t delete their comments.

Instead, use it as an opportunity to answer hidden doubts of your market, and show your audience that you stand for things you believe on.


6. Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You:

As you know FB loves engagement.

So if you want to make Facebook happy, engage with other people’s posts.

Comment and “LIKE” the posts you like.

Make it a part of your daily routine.

Sadly, most people scroll their news feed like a spectator, without “Liking” or commenting on anything.

But when they post, they expect other people to comment.

It doesn’t work this way.

You can’t get what you are not ready to give, like anything else in the world.

If you want more comments/engagement learn to comment on others posts


7. Always Mind Your Timing:

The question everybody wants an answer to…

What is the best time to post on Facebook?

I feel there is no such thing as the best time to post.

But there are guidelines.

According to HubSpot the best times to post on Facebook are:
9 Am, 1pm, and 3 PM.

Second best times are 10 AM, 11 Am, 12 Pm, and 2 PM

But will posting at these times get you the most comments?


The best time to post varies from market to market.

Only testing can tell what works for you….

To figure the best time for your market, try posting at various times from the above mentioned times, and observe for a few days.

Pretty soon you will be able to decide the best time for your particular market.

You can also use your fan page analytics to track your data
and see when your audience is online.


8. Don’t Reinvent The Wheel:

Figuring everything out on your own is the worst strategy.

Innovation is essential, but getting more comments on FB is not that complex.

Just look at the posts from your competitors that are getting comments, and model around them.

Remember success leaves clues.

If you see your competitors are using funny posts, try doing that.

If you see your competitors are sharing their brand story and it’s working for them do that.

It’s not any difficult than that.


9. Get Them Addicted:

People who have commented on your post have similar psychological needs as you.

You may not realize this, but most of your commenters are expecting a response from you.

It makes them feel appreciated when you “LIKE” and “Reply” to their comment.

Any time we feel valued and appreciated our brain is programmed to release the happiness hormone called Dopamine.

Sadly, that is why most people get addicted to drugs – to produce dopamine that they lack in their everyday life due to social isolation and trauma.

When you are the one boosting their dopamine by making them feel valued, they get addicted to that feeling (in a good way of course).

This makes them comment on your future posts.

So even if you think a simple comment like “thank you” doesn’t need your reply, reply anyway.

Tag their name in your reply and make them feel seen, every time they comment on your post.

Sure, it’s less time consuming to just “LIKE” their reply.

But if you want more comments, you must tag every person and reply back.

It also makes Facebook send a notification to all the commenters, which further boosts your post visibility and engagement.

All of this engagement doesn’t go unnoticed by Facebook, the algorithm notices this and rewards you by showing your posts more often in the news feed.

Is It Worth All That Effort Just To Get More Facebook Comments?

In A Word:


As I said, comments can boost your visibility and credibility…

But most importantly:

Comments Are Good For Your Soul.

If you’re posting stuff consistently on FB, but you get very low engagement, it’s easy to believe no one wants to hear from you.

But if every post you publish gets a lot of comments, you know people are interested in what you have to say.

Whenever I feel nobody is seeing my posts, my favorite things to do is post a fun question and engage with my audience.

Really, that’s what FB comments are.

They’re a hack to connect with your audience at will.

They’re a pat on the back from Mark Zuckerberg.

So if you want more comments, be more conscious of your content strategy.

If you want more comments, deeply care about your audience.

If you want more comments, make it easier for people to comment.

The good news is…

After reading this post, you’re equipped with everything you need to get more comments on Facebook.

So get to work.

Pick your strategy.

And watch comments flood in.

Don’t Do These 3 Things If You Want To Attract High Paying Coaching Clients

So you are a certified coach.

You are confident that you have what it takes to change people’s lives, become a prosperous coach and kiss your toxic job good bye.

You are excited about helping your future clients and have already started spending the money in your head.

You are telling everybody in your network how wonderful your coaching service is.

You have posted about it on facebook, linkedin and everwhere you can.

But till now nothing has changed, you are thinking may be people need more time to understand how you can help them.

Months have passed.

Every day you wake up open your email inbox in the hope that someone might have inquired about your coaching service.

You are sick and tired of staring at your computer every day. As you log out of your email, you can feel some of your hope fading away every day.

Now quitting your day job looks like a far fetched dream. It feels like you are never going to get ahead.

You work hard and have a good job, but late at night, you stay up and worry.

You’re afraid you will never be able to become a successful coach, and your dream is going to die a sad death.

You’re afraid all those things your friends and family said about your dream being unrealistic can be true, after all.

You still think the answer to attract high paying coaching clients is to keep your head down and work like a slave.

You think, if you work hard enough things will eventually shift, and clients will start lining up.

But the truth is that working hard isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to building a successful coaching business.

At least not until you stop doing these 3 thing.

So what are the 3 things you DON’T DO if you want to attract high paying clients.

Those 3 things are:

1. Don’t Specialize In A Niche

2. Don’t Solve Your Clients Problems

3. Don’t Sell Your Coaching Program

“Okay Anoop now you have taken it too far, Are you out of your mind!!”

“Those are the 3 things that make a successful coaching business, and you don’t want me to do them?”

Yes, I don’t want you to do them, and I will tell you why.

 1. Don’t Specialize In A Niche:

Let me get this straight, no matter what gurus tell you, specializing in a niche won’t help you attract clients.

Nobody cares which target market you serve. So it’s a waste of time.

People are selfish and so are you.

Everybody wants to know what you can do for them.

So specializing as a fitness coach for executive women just means that you have chosen a group of people you want to serve, nothing else.

But if you can specialize in helping busy executive women lose 20 pounds in 90 days without living in the gym, it will be a whole different story.

After helping a few busy executive women lose 20 + pounds goal you will become a go to coach for them.

Take away: Specialize in results not in niche

2. Don’t Solve Your Client’s Problems:

Many coaches give away truck load of content about how to solve X, in the hope that finally the market will take notice and will buy their paid program.

Now I am not against giving value in your content, what I am saying is, if all your content marketing strategy is based on giving away free tips, I think you are in trouble.

Do you know?

Almost 90% of your market is in awareness phase.

Which basically means that they are not yet fully aware of the real nature of their problem.

At this point they are not motivated enough to take action on your free info such as “How to lose 20 pounds in 30 days”

Just giving them free content on how to solve X won’t motivate them to take action or become your client.

The reason here is that they have not yet decided to finally fix their problem.

In their mind the effort it will take them to lose those 20 pounds is more painful than carrying those 20 extra pounds every day.

Your job is to make them realize how worse of a situation they are in.

Instead of just writing content on how to lose weight. Write content that makes them aware of the full spectrum of their problem and how it is affecting them on many levels.

Make them realize what will happen if they don’t solve the problem.

Talk about all the different angles those extra 20 pounds is affecting their relationships, affecting their life expectancy, describe the look of disgust they see on their spouse’s face etc.

All of this will motivate your target market to take action and finally decide to do fix the problem, instead of just reading blog posts after blog posts.

3. Don’t Sell Your Coaching:

Admit it…nobody is excited about your coaching service, and rightly so.

You want to sell your coaching but clients want to solve their problems.

So in a way your coaching program is what stands between their desired result, in a way it is an obstacle, a necessary evil.

Instead of selling how good your coaching is, sell the results you can provide.

Sell the sizzle not the steak.

Talk about the specific result that you can help them achieve. How their life will transform if they solve the problem.

How you helped your past clients solve their specific problem and how it transformed their life.

People buy results not your coaching, so don’t even try selling it.


Now you know how not doing those 3 things will increase your chances of attracting high paying clients many folds.

So just imagine logging in to your email again,

but this time when you login you see notifications from potential clients who are salivating to get on a call with you, you are booked for weeks ahead.

Now you have a new problem, you are thinking how you will handle all these clients alone, so you are planning to hire an intern to help you with some of the mundane tasks.

Instead of staring at your computer screen every day, now you are actually looking forward to get on a call with your new high ticket client.

Your clients are so grateful to have you as their coach.

All because you’ve decided to finally take care of the 3 DONTS explained in this post.

And more importantly, you decided to take action.

Now not only you are attracting high paying clients consistently, but you’ve finally started putting money aside for retirement, planning for your kid’s college education or saving up for a deposit on your dream home.

The friends and family members who used to secretly make fun of you are now asking you for advice.

Sounds impossible?

It’s not.

Get into massive action mode and flush out the stories that are stopping you from reaching your goal.

You now know what you have been doing wrong — Now all you need to do is correct your mistakes.
Your new life of freedom and possibility awaits.

How To Create Your Ideal Client Avatar To Attract New Clients

When you are selling a product/service online, you need to connect with your market on a deep emotional level.

How do you connect with your ideal client if you don’t even know who your perfect client is.

Without your ideal client avatar, your whole marketing would be dry and generic; it will be missing that punch.

What this means is you’ll attract fewer clients, won’t get paid what you deserve, your message will be confusing and your business will be unpredictable.

“The Aim of marketing is to know and understand the client so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.
– Peter Druker

Before approaching a single prospect, you need to know who your perfect client is.

The perfect client – or the client avatar, as some people call it – is an idealized representation of your dream client.

In a perfect scenario, your perfect client approaches you, easily buys your coaching at a fair price, and the whole process is harmonious and enjoyable.

Our goal here is to find out traits of that perfect client.

So you can get your message in front of people with those traits.

The whole idea here is to only work with people who want you/your service on the first place.

Trust me, there are lots of people who need you right now; you just need to know where to look.

The good thing is once you know “Who” you will figure out “Where”.

First, though, you need to know who your perfect client is, and for that, you need to do the exercise in this post.

After doing the exercise, you will understand your clients at a whole new level.

You will connect with them on a deeper emotional level.

Said another way, your marketing message will hit your target market on a deep gut level.

Once you have created your perfect client avatar, it will represent your whole audience.

Every piece of your marketing will be made while keeping your perfect client in mind – your pitch, your email series, your blog post – everything will be speaking directly to him.

When you do this, you will magnetize yourself to your perfect clients while repelling the clients who are not perfect fit for what you are offering.

Now, I hear some of you saying, but I don’t want to repel anybody!

Trust me, not getting paid is not the worst part of being a service based entrepreneur, it is working with the bad client.

Bad clients will suck your blood and leave your soul dry.

It is especially important to have an avatar when you are trying to sell to someone on the Internet because the Internet is a massive impersonal space.

You can’t empathize with a person while reading her email or while reading a forum post if you don’t understand her on a deep emotional level.

By creating an avatar, you will give her a face; you will be able to understand her and read between the lines.

When she says No to buy your program, you will know what might be going on in her mind.

You need to know what her objections, doubts, fears and aspirations are, and design your marketing in a way that calms her negative emotions and evokes positive emotions.

When a client feels that your product/program is made just for her, she is sold.

Creating your perfect client avatar will give you a competitive advantage and will increase your selling ability up to ten times.

I first learned this exercise from the guru of gurus, Eben Pagan.

I later read many more variations of this exercise, and I know that almost every successful entrepreneur is at least subconsciously aware of her perfect client.

So are you ready to craft your client avatar?


Here are all the fields you need to complete to create a perfect client avatar:









Interests and lifestyle:


Social class:

His picture

  • What tangible result is she looking for?
  • What do you need to say to make her buy?
  • What is she afraid of?
  • What keeps her up at night?
  • What she secretly day dreams of?
  • What are her hopes and aspiration?

Finally, find someone who you feel represents your perfect client, attach his/her picture to your Perfect client avatar sheet and give her a name.


Now you need to go into research mode.

Of course some of the fields you fill in will be your guess work; but don’t let that stop you.

Just get it out on the paper.

You can improve it later on.

Go to forums, join facebook groups, focus on conversations happening around you; interview people, observe them, and you should have sufficient info to craft your first draft.

If you already know someone who has these traits, just attach her picture to your perfect client avatar sheet.

When I started blogging I would imagine my friend Nick, and would write only for him.

He had all the traits of my perfect client.

Now suppose your client avatar/perfect client’s name is Bob – every one of your marketing pieces will be written for Bob.

Every time you look for prospects on facebook or linkedin you will look for people who match the traits of Bob, and then talk to them as if you were talking to Bob.

After creating an avatar, you can laser target your message around solving Bob’s biggest problem in the context of what you do.

Remember, your job is not to try to turn non-buyers into buyers – instead find people who need what you have, and sell to them.

I hope this post will help you take your next step towards building a successful online business.

How to Choose The Right Blog Topic In 20 Minutes Flat

Are you ready to start your own blog that can help you replace your job?

If you said yes, at this point you probably fall into one of these two categories:

  1. You are excited about starting a blog, but have no clue about your blog topic.
  1. You have a topic in mind, but you are not sure if it will turn into a money maker.

This post will help you discover the right blog topic with the potential to build a six figure income.

Topic selection is a crucial decision, which if done incorrectly, can finish your blogging career before it starts.

So pay close attention to every word in this post.

Back in the good old days, there was less competition.

Anybody could start a blog and start generating traffic to it.

Alas! The days of build and people will come are long gone.

It’s not that easy any more, fellas.

The good news is that the blogging industry has matured and there is a lot more money to be made.

The online paradigm has changed completely in the last 10 years; these days, anybody can make money selling information and knowledge online.

You just need to find one skill that can be of value to others, and people will line up to buy from you.

“Become the best in the world at something that people value. Easier said than done, worth more than you might think.”

-Seth Godin

If you have a laptop and an internet connection, you have everything you need to build a modern day business.

How Important Is It To Find The Right Blog Topic?

The right blog topic is the foundation on which a successful blogging empire rests.

Without a clear blog topic, nothing else matters; you can do everything right, but it won’t make money.

If I had to sum up blogging in just one sentence, it would be:

A Blog Exists To Help People Solve Their Problems.

By using your blog as a platform to solve people’s problems, you will position yourself as an expert and you can use that positioning to make money.

There is no point in blogging on a topic that nobody cares about.

Choosing the right blog topic is half the battle won.

A great analogy to demonstrate the importance of the right topic:

If you have ever seen American Idol, you must have noticed how the song selecting can drastically affect the contestant’s chances of winning or losing the show.

No matter how good the contestant is, if she doesn’t understand what kind of songs she is good at, she might lose to an inferior singer who knows her strengths and makes the right song selection.

What makes the right blog topic?

A blog topic needs to have three traits to be a success.

  1. It must be something you love.
  2. It must be something you consider yourself reasonably skilled at, or at least you wish to master.
  3. You feel there is already a need for that sort of info in the market. Example, “how to lose weight.”

If even one of the above mentioned three traits is missing from the blog topic, the blog won’t succeed, or if it does, the success will be short-lived.

How To Choose The Right Blog Topic?

Most people tend to get nervous while choosing a blog topic.

I struggled for several months before I decided to settle on the blog you are currently reading.

If you choose the wrong topic, your chances of becoming a successful blogger are really slim.

So you need to be very careful while choosing your blog topic, but getting stuck there for months is a trap.

Fortunately I have done all the research and made the topic selection for you as easy as possible.

I have invented a simple step by step exercise to choose a profitable blog topic in just 20 minutes flat.

Three Symbols of Excellence

Three symbols of excellence

It is a very powerful exercise that will help you choose the right blog topic, one that will be profitable and fun to blog about .

So without further ado, let’s get started with the exercise.

Take a piece of paper and divide it into three columns.

Create three heads: Love, Skill, Need.

Each head will have a symbol representing it.

Here are the symbols representing each head:

Love: Heart

Skills: Checkmark

Need: Question Mark (?)

Your next step is to sit in a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed for at least 20 minutes.

Start brainstorming by asking yourself questions like:

What do I love?

What is something I can keep talking about for hours?

What am I good at?

What do I see people struggling with?

What is something I can help people out with?

Is there anything I want to master?

Asking these kinds of questions will help you discover valuable info.

(The above mentioned questions are there to get you started, but don’t limit yourself to only these questions. I suggest asking yourself as many questions as you need to do the exercise.)

Now fill the info in the respective columns and put the matching symbol next to every potential topic.

Write everything you love in the first column.

Everything you think you are skilled at or wish to master in the second column.

Everything you think you can help people with in the third column.

Now look for an overlap. By overlap I mean an item/topic that appears in all three columns.

For example, I love bodybuilding, so I will put the topic bodybuilding in the Love column, and will put a heart symbol next to it.

I also know that there is a great demand for fitness coaching, so I will put the topic bodybuilding in the Need column too, but since I don’t consider myself skilled at it, I can’t put it in the second column, Skill.

This makes the blog topic a little less than right.

One Simple Rule To Remember:

Whatever comes to mind goes on the paper, no judgment whatsoever.

Remember, nobody has to see this list except you, so don’t be self critical.

My “Three Symbols of Excellence” exercise paper for inspiration:


The exercise helped me discover that I love internet marketing, I am skilled at it, and there is a need for such info.

And as you can see internet marketing/setting up an online business became the core topic of this blog.

At the end of the exercise you too will have a paper filled with ideas that you can build a successful blog about.

A blog that will help you build a sustainable online business and escape the 9 to 5 rat race.

The whole point of this exercise is to help you discover a topic that has all the three symbols next to it, i.e. Heart, Checkmark, and a Question Mark.

Ideally you should have at least one topic that has all the three symbols next to it. That one will become your blog topic.

If you have several right blog topics, it’s even better because you can choose the best of the best.

It Gets Easier

Once you finalize the right blog topic you will feel a rush of energy and excitement to start blogging on your topic.

When I finalized that I was going to help people who are stuck in their job like I was once, I felt an energy flowing through my whole body.

Thinking about helping people who are frustrated in their job literally drives me, to an extent where it keeps me up at night.

Does The World Need Another Blog?

We humans tend to be overly critical about ourselves; we regularly talk ourselves out.

Thoughts like, “it’s nothing new,” or “it has been already said so many times,” are very normal.

Fact: If there is already someone successfully blogging on your topic, it is a good sign, as it means there is money to be made in the niche.

Don’t feel that everything about your topic has already been covered by somebody else; it’s a trap.

Remember: Only you can deliver your message in your unique voice and style.

Your voice deserves to be heard.

Think about it; there are so many gurus teaching similar stuff to what I am teaching, but the fact that you are here reading my blog means you resonate with my unique style and voice.

Ultimately it’s not about what you write or how you write, at the end it all boils down to Who You Help.

If you can help make people’s lives better, you are on to something.

Take Action

Blogging success

Ponder on what is written in this post, and if you didn’t do the exercise mentioned, go back and do it.

If your dream is to become financially free you need to make the decision; nobody can do it for you.

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”  

-Lao Tsu

If you read my story you already know that I failed countless times, and that is why I succeeded.

I am not afraid of looking like a fool; we all have managed to look like a fool many times.

I have tried my best to give you the info you need to choose a blog topic that is right for you.

If you are feeling confused and need my personal attention, I invite you to check out my one on one coaching session.

I will personally take you step by step and help you discover your right blog topic, a blog topic that has the potential to make you a six figure income.

Remember, the information here won’t apply itself; you have to take action to change your life.

The Ultimate Online Business Model to Make $3000/Month Working Just 4 Hours a Day

Imagine for a minute:

You are free from your boring 9 to 5 job.

You don’t need to drive a long way to reach your office.

You don’t need to hear criticism from your stupid boss.

There is no limit on how much you can earn.

You can work whenever you want, wherever you want.

You can go to bed late on Sunday night and start working at 2 PM on Monday afternoon.

You have all the time you want to spend with your kids and family.

You can be present at every important family occasion.

All while making a lot of money.

Sounds impossible?

Well, I am here to tell you that not only it is possible, but thousands of people around the world are already living this lifestyle.

I happen to be one of them.

I am Anoop, and I am writing this post from a nearby cafe in my city Udaipur.

It’s 12 PM, and while everybody is stuck in the corporate job they hate, I am here smelling the aroma of my favorite coffee and working at the same time.

The Road To Freedom

If you are dedicated and coachable you can start your own sustainable online business, one that has the potential to make six figures.

In this post, we will talk about a particular way to blog and make an easy $3k/month, while working just 4 hours a day.

But this is nothing new; online entrepreneurs from all over the world have been using the exact same model for more than a decade now.

I call the model Authority Blogging.


Four Steps To Becoming An Authority Blogger:

Step 1: Choose the right blog topic

Step 2: Post valuable content once or twice a week on your blog

Step 3: Position yourself as an authority

Step 4: Use that authority to sell digital products/services

(Note: Throughout this post, I will be using a weight loss blog as an example to make my point.)


Why Blog When There Are Quicker Methods To Make Money?

So when there are so many online business models out there that promise to make quick money, then why choose authority blogging?

Here is the thing, it is easy to make money online, but making a sustainable business online is a different thing altogether.

You can list your used cell phone on eBay and earn some money online tomorrow, but can you make a business out of it?

I suggest authority blogging over other online business models because of four reasons: 

  1. Beginner friendly: Business models like e-commerce need you to understand complex advertising platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook ads to get visitors to your website.But to create a successful blog, you just need to post high-quality content every week and build relationships.
    Anybody can set up a blog in just 2 hours. In a way, blogging is a kind of online business that even a technically challenged person can be successful at.
  1. Most fulfilling business: I believe the only way to have a fulfilled work life is to love what you do, and the first step to blogging is choosing a blog topic you love or are passionate about. So fulfillment is woven into every thread of blogging.
  1. Sustainability: A blog keeps getting more and more content as months or years pass by, hence with time it becomes more valuable for both readers and search engines. This results in increased traffic and income. In a way, it is an asset that appreciates in value over time.
  1. Full-time income working part-time: It’s the best biz to start while working a regular 9 to 5, as it just takes Two to Four hours of work a day to grow a blog.


Sky Is The Limit

Blogging has made many millionaires, so it is not just limited to $3000/month.

There are bloggers all around the world making $100K or more per year, and it’s not even rare these days.

Here is the thing:

Think big, but start small.

Although the income potential is huge, in this post we will focus on 3k/month as it is a good income goal to shoot for in the beginning.

It all starts with choosing the right blog topic.

So, how can a simple medium such as a blog make such a huge income?

Well, the secret lies in strategically combining your blog with an Automated Sales Funnel (ASF).


What Is An Automated Sales Funnel (ASF)?

An automated sales funnel is like an invisible selling machine designed to make blog visitors subscribe to your email newsletter, and then sell digital products/services using an email follow up sequence.

An email follow up sequence is basically a set of pre-written emails that are delivered automatically to the subscriber’s inbox at regular intervals.

The chief aim of the email follow up sequence is to build a relationship with the email list subscribers and sell them a product/service.

For example, if you choose to create a 5-day email sequence designed to be sent on day 1, day 3, day 5, day 7 and day 9, then once your blog reader signs up to your email newsletter the email sequence will automatically get triggered.

So in a way, it is like a well-oiled machine that will keep selling and making money automatically, after the initial set up.

The ASF is designed to work in three stages.




Each stage of the funnel has a different intent, with the focus on getting your readers further down the funnel and closer to your ultimate goal, which is to sell your paid product/service.


3 Stages Of The Ultimate Lifestyle Business


Stage 1 Blog:

This is where you want all of your visitors to land. It is an information hub about your particular topic.

It is where you keep pushing great content about your subject/topic without holding anything back.

Think of your blog as a platform, which elevates you when compared to the crowd.

The purpose of a blog is to build trust with your readers by giving them results in advance, so later you can sell them a product/service without much effort.


What do I mean by results in advance?

You should be posting your best content on your blog without asking for money in return, so your audience can start solving their problems even before they have spent a single cent on your products.

It builds trust and makes your audience see you as an expert.

Readers will think, “If this guy’s free stuff is that good, how good will his paid product be?”


A weight loss blogger posts a valuable article about the “best weight loss workout”.

A reader tries the workout and loses 2 pounds in 7 days.

Do you think he will be impressed?

You bet!

After the reader has gotten the result from the free content he will have so much trust for the blogger that he will buy any product the blogger recommends.

By posting valuable content once or twice a week on your blog, you can establish yourself as an expert.

With time, your blog will start attracting visitors from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Another benefit of posting valuable content is that people love to share helpful content on social media; it’s like a social currency, which results in even more traffic to your blog.

So how difficult do you think it is to post a piece of valuable content once a week?

I think absolutely anybody who is motivated to escape his job can do it.

Further, when you have chosen a blog topic you are passionate about, writing comes easily and naturally.

So you have no more excuses for being stuck in a 9 to 5 job you hate.


Stage 2 Email List:

An email list is hands down the most valuable business asset you can ever build.

During the start of my internet marketing career, I made the mistake of not building an email list, which almost killed my internet marketing career; but that’s a story for another day.

Once visitors reach your blog, your next aim is to get them to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Thankfully you don’t have to physically ask every visitor to subscribe; you will have a simple optin form on your blog to take care of it.

You must have seen a simple form on websites asking for info such as email, name etc.

It’s called an optin form.

Well, the optin form is strategically put on a website to build an email list/database of interested prospects.

By getting readers to sign up to your email list you are taking them from just a casual reader to an email subscriber.

Once the reader signs up to the optin form he will be stored in your database/email list. 

So anytime you have something to say or want to promote a product to your audience you can just send an email to your email list.

Not every blog reader will sign up to your email list, which is a good thing.

We are only looking for a highly targeted segment of your blog readers as email subscribers.

The blog talks about the topic in broader terms, while the email list is more about solving one specific problem (notice the funnel effect here; we are going from broad to narrow).

The focus of an email newsletter is to give targeted free info and recommend relevant products.


Why Do People subscribe To Email Lists?

The way to get your blog readers to subscribe to an email list/newsletter is by giving them some sort of relevant free gift, which we call a lead magnet or an email bribe. 

A few common examples of a lead magnet are a free report, a checklist, an email course, a free 15 min consultation, etc.

Here is how giving away a free gift helps in building a targeted email list.

Let’s look again at the example of a weight loss blogger:

A weight loss blogger gives a report of “10 tips to lose weight without going to the gym” as a free gift to readers who subscribe to his email list.

So now when anybody subscribes to his email list for that free report, he knows two things for sure:
he subscriber is very interested in losing weight and he/she prefers to do it without working out.

So then the email follow up series can give some free info about anything that doesn’t involve working out to lose weight.

Giving away targeted free content builds an even stronger relationship with the email list.


Stage 3: Offer Promotion

This is where things start to get fun. It’s time to get paid.

Now the email follow up sequence will share free helpful content about solving a specific problem, and then present the product as the ultimate solution.

If a subscriber has spent time and energy to reach this point in the funnel, it means he is very serious about solving the problem and also trusts you.

Since the subscriber trusts you and you have already demonstrated your authority on the topic by giving so much free helpful info, he will buy your offer without resistance.

Note: if you don’t have a product yet, you can sell your time as a consultant.

But here is the best part: once you have got a customer and you have provided him with the best solution, it opens up the floodgates to sell even more products in the future.

More product sales = More money.

Essentially you have solved just one aspect of the problem, but there are other aspects still left.

For example, after helping someone lose weight, a weight loss blogger can next help the reader build a muscular body.

Remember the most difficult thing to do is get someone to buy from you the first time. The first purchase is often the most difficult one. After that, everything comes easier.

Research says it is 7 times easier to sell a subsequent product to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new customer.


My First Info Product:

Six years back, just for the sake of learning the ropes of online marketing, I created a blog on the subject, “How to Find Things to Talk About”. I know it’s a weird topic, but I did it anyway.

(Back then I was not building an email list and was not aware of the Automated Sales Funnel concept.)

The blog talked about how to find common topics to keep the conversation going.

I wasn’t expecting anybody to read my blog, but to my surprise, the blog started to get some nice traffic.

It was getting around 3000 visitors per month, as it was ranking on the first page of Google for the keyword “How to Find Things to Talk About”.

I noticed visitors were asking for more info in the comments section of my blog.

So I wrote a simple 21 page eBook, which basically taught how to find common interest topics to keep the conversation going.

I put that up for $27 directly on that blog.

For the first two days I didn’t make any sales, then the third day I got $27 credited to my account; I couldn’t believe I made a sale just like that.

Since then, every month I was getting 10 – 15 sales for that product without lifting a finger, which wasn’t huge, but it was enough to turn me into a believer.

Not only were people buying that small eBook I wrote, but some of them were emailing me to know if they could get on a call with me (for a fee, of course).

I was no expert on communication, but my blog readers perceived me as one.

Perception = Reality.

Since then I have created some more info products on topics like how to start your own web agency or set up a traffic selling service, coached a few students on setting up their email marketing biz, launched a traffic tracking tool called whizurl, and many other things.

You Have A Unique Message

Many of us think that we don’t have anything worthwhile to teach.

We all have something that we can share with other people; we just need to find it and give ourselves permission to teach it.

You Don’t Have To See The Whole Staircase; Just Take The Next Step




Remember, all of this might look overwhelming in the beginning, but once your blog and the Automated Sales Funnel is set up, it will keep working more or less automatically.

That’s the ultimate vision.

To create a lifestyle business that keeps making money automatically, while enjoying your life.

How This Can Make You An Easy 3k/Month?

If you can create a 25 – 50 page eBook on solving a problem, then you can make an easy $3k or more per month using the authority blogging model.

Let me do some math for you:

If your blog starts generating just 300 visitors per day…

The Automated Sales Funnel can easily get 20 people out of those 300 visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter every day.

Out of 30 subscribers, just 3 buy your $27 eBook.

Which means 90 sales a month = $2430/month, from just eBook sales alone.

Out of 90 customers, 9 people wish to talk to the expert (you) on a one on one coaching call offered for $97.

(The call basically teaches the same stuff you talked about in your $27 eBook, but in my experience, there are plenty of people who love talking to the expert himself, even though he has given all the info in his program/report. I am one of them.)

So 9 coaching calls worth $97 a pop = $873/month, from one to one calls.

$2430 + $873 = Easy $3303/month.

But that’s not all.

You can double your monthly profits by consistently blogging your way towards more visitors per day.

So for example, if in a year your blog grows from 300 visitors to 600 visitors per day, your profits will almost double.

It is simple math.

So there is no limit as to how much could be made here.

By now you should be pretty excited about starting your own authority blog and building a business that will help you escape the 9 to 5 trap.

But hold on, my tiger…

Before anything else, you need to know what topic you wish to blog on.

Without the right blog topic, the chances of becoming a successful blogger are slim.

So stay tuned to the next post, which will be about choosing the right blog topic, one that has the potential to build a lifestyle business.


Start Dreaming:

Dream of a life where you control your time and you set your own priorities; dream of the work days that leave you filled with joy.

For that dream will come true if you only choose to trust and take your first step.