In 2013, I quit my job out of sheer frustration.

Today, I own two online businesses and make a very comfortable living working from my laptop.

I believe we may all choose a successful career and also have free time to pursue things we enjoy.

In this blog, I will share how to build an profitable online business.

A little about me:

I live in a beautiful city called Udaipur. I love my family and my best moments are spent with my family.

Back when I was in my day job, I worked long hours, made less money, and had no time for my family.
I spent 3 years in a job I hated before I mustered the courage and changed things.
By working long job hours, I met the financial needs of my family, but starved them of a more important need i.e. my presence.

Most people live in silent desperation.

They do the job they hate so they can make enough money to support their family or meet their ends.

Life need not be this way.

Two core questions determine the quality of your life:

Do you make enough money to buy the things you want?

Do you have enough free time to pursue things you enjoy?

Most People can’t answer both the above mentioned questions with a yes.

What is the Solution?:

An online business allows you to make an impact, earn a nice income and gives you a lot of free time.

So you can do the things you love like playing golf, starting a band or spending quality time with your family.

Build An Online Business with Anoop


What I write about:

Coaching Business:

I write about how you can start an online business, with the potential to replace your job.


Business is an ever evolving organism, meaning you can’t just rely on techniques to stay in the game. I will write on topics like how to think, organize and envision like an entrepreneur so you can turn adversities into opportunities.

Personal development:

I write about personal development with the goal of making you a better entrepreneur. Mindset is a huge part of the business success equation.I will post fresh articles every Monday and Wednesday, so keep an eye out.


If I can help transform even a single person’s life with this blog, I will feel I have accomplished my purpose.

If something here strikes a chord or inspires you to change your life, let me know.

You can reach me at:.