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Hemingway said – “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

But is writing that difficult?

Well, the answer is yes and no.

This quote might be true for novel writers, I know writing fiction can be really hard.

But for us experts and coaches, writing is not as difficult.

But somehow everybody wants to behave like they are writing the next masterpiece.

Your blog posts don’t need to be perfect, to get you clients.

If you are a coach or an expert of some sort, you have it much easier.

I promise you can write much faster if you do these two things:

1. Stop believing writing is super hard, it’s not. Not for you at least. It’s just like speaking. When you are speaking you are not thinking that much that is why you can speak easily. And the only reason you find writing hard is that you are judging yourself too harshly.

I would let Mark Twain summarise this for you: “If everybody talked the way they write, everyone would stutter.

2. The second and very important mindset shift I want you to make is I want you to stop writing. Yes, I want you to put words on the paper but you don’t have to “Write”. Sound confusing?

Here is the thing as an expert if you know your topic well enough, you don’t have to come up with super creative ideas, all you have to do is tell what you have already done.

Like what you have accomplished, how you did it, what kind of results you helped your clients achieve etc.

In other words, I am asking you to stop creating and start documenting.

These 2 simple mindset shifts will help you write at least three times faster.