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Theo Poulentzas

Struggling with traffic?
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Dear Online Entrepreneur,

There’s nothing more discouraging or disappointing than refreshing your traffic stats and seeing that you’re not getting sufficient traffic.

It certainly sucks because without traffic you’ll be out of business in a heartbeat – and you just can’t afford that.

But, luckily for you, today everything’s about to change.

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Generate targeted traffic almost on demand, and transform this traffic into leads, sales or affiliate commissions.


Turn Facebook and Instagram into your own personal “traffic machines” so that you can get quality traffic to ANY site

And MUCH, much more!

Whether you’re a marketer, blogger, online business owner or entrepreneur (or you are selling anything online) this can work for you and, in fact, the results with shock you.

Finally Get More  Leads, Subscribers and Sales And Skyrocket Your Profits Up To The Stratosphere With Targeted Ready-To-Buy  Social Media Traffic!

Look, it’s well known that the most trafficked places on earth are social media sites,
and Facebook and Instagram are two traffic colossi…

This is true to such an extent that if you could, just for a moment, hijack a tiny fraction of the traffic these social media sites receive and plug it into your sites…

…you could literally MELT your bandwidth!

Bottom line is:

 If don’t know how to effectively siphon off traffic from these “traffic mammoths” you’re doing a HUGE disservice to your online business because, believe it or not, the traffic from Facebook and Instagram could make you GOLDEN.

 If you really want to start driving insane amounts of targeted traffic your way then you’ll love what’s coming next…

Allow me to proudly introduce you to:

Social Media Traffic Blueprint

Social Media Traffic Blueprint is a HUGE, step-by-step, video traffic program where I literally take you by the hand and show you deadly effective traffic techniques that you can apply straight away…

…so that you can start driving MASSIVE amounts of traffic to your sites!

Now, unlike other traffic courses out there where you learn traffic methods that are ineffective and outdated, “Social Media Traffic Blueprint” will provide you with practical traffic-attracting strategies that simply work.

You only have to watch the do-this-do-that videos and you’ll be already well on your way to generating TONS of buyer traffic that will be injected into your sites, creating maximum profit.

And the best part is that, whether you’re an experienced marketer or just a rookie who wants to generate more traffic, this value-crammed video program will help you to accomplish just that!

This is what you’ll find in “Social Media Traffic Blueprint”

Module One: Facebook Marketing 3.0

There’s no doubt that Facebook is a traffic goldmine that, if exploited correctly, can in bring a tsunami of fresh, targeted visitors that can be turned into paying customers… over and over again.

In this exciting module, you’ll learn the latest and MOST effective techniques so that you can finally start milking juicy traffic from one of the HUGEST social networks on the planet.

Remember that you’ll have access to insightful HD videos that work step-by-step, for maximum results.

Section 1: Facebook Marketing Basics

Video 1: What Facebook is all about Nowadays

Video 2: What Business Goals can you accomplish with Facebook?

Video 3: There’s a Facebook Business Tool for every Business Goal

Video 4: Shocking Facebook Marketing Facts to Consider

Section 2: Marketing on Facebook – Step by Step

Video 5: Creating a Facebook Account

Video 6: Facebook Pages

Video 7: Facebook Ads

Video 8: Messenger for Business

Video 9: Instagram

Video 10: Audience Network

Video 11: Atlas

Section 3: Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies

Video 12: Affiliate Marketing with Facebook

Video 13: How to Dramatically increase your ROI, Remarketing on Facebook

Video 14: How to use Facebook Groups as Powerful Marketing Tools

Video 15: Using the Facebook Search Bar for Market Research

Video 16: 8 Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies to consider

Section 4: Additional Tips to Consider

Video 17: Dos and Don’ts

Video 18: Premium Tools and Services to consider

Video 19: Shocking Case Studies

Video 20: Frequently Asked Questions

Module Two: Instagram Marketing 3.0

Instagram is now all the rage and, trust me, you would just need a tiny fraction of the traffic from it and you’d be in a really enviable position.

Most marketers think that while Instagram has insane traffic, the quality of the traffic is not that good… But I can assure you: Instagram’s traffic is really, really good quality and very oriented to making a purchase.

It makes sense to take advantage of this enormous traffic source so that you can take your business to next level!

Well, that’s what you’ll learn in this cool, mind-blowing module!

From A to Z… everything’s covered!

Section 1: Instagram Marketing Basics

Video 1: What is Instagram all about?

Video 2: What can Instagram do for your Business?

Video 3: Shocking Instagram Marketing Facts to Consider

Video 4: Instagram Walkthrough

Section 3: Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies

Video 11: Instagram Insights 

Video 12: Instagram Microblogging for Maximum Reach

Video 13: Shooting Great Marketing Videos on Instagram

Video 14: Snapping Great Marketing Photos on Instagram

Video 15: Advanced Instagram Marketing Tips from the Experts

Video 16: Using Instagram DIRECT for Killer Engagement

Section 2: Marketing on Instagram – Step by Step

Video 5: Set up Instagram for Business

Video 6: Your Instagram Business Settings

Video 7: Posting and Sharing

Video 8: Instagram Stories

Video 9: Instagram Advertising

Video 10: Types of Instagram Ads

Section 4: Additional Tips to consider

Video 17: Dos and Don’ts

Video 18: Premium Tools and Services to Consider

Video 19: Shocking Case Studies

Video 20: Frequently Asked Questions

But I Do Have A Few Surprises Up My Sleeve… In Order To Overdeliver I Also Want To Throw In A KILLER, White-Hot, High-Quality Bonus…( But, Only For A VERY Limited Time)

Video Marketing 3.0 – Made Easy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll know that video marketing has become a REAL necessity for marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and online business owners…

If used correctly, it can catapult your online business to infinite heights!

“Video Marketing 3.0 – Made Easy” is a phenomenal and extremely helpful video program where you’ll learn everything you need in order to put the immense power of video marketing into overdrive… for more traffic and hefty profits!

Section 1: Video Marketing Basics

Video 1: What is Video Marketing all about?

Video 2: Shocking Video Marketing Facts to Consider

Video 3: Types of Marketing Videos

Section 2: Video Marketing – Step by Step

Video 4: Researching a Hot “Business-Related” Topic

Video 5: Creating your Video

Video 6: Optimizing your Video

Video 7: Publishing your Video

Video 8: Advertising your Video

Section 3: Advanced Video Marketing

Video 9: Manual vs Automated Video Marketing

Video 10: Video Marketing Automation Tools

Video 11: Video-Affiliate Marketing

Video 12: Advanced Video Marketing Strategies for Social Media

Video 13: Green Screen Video Creation

Video 14: Paid Facebook Video Advertising – Step by Step

Video 15: Paid YouTube Video Advertising – Step by Step

Video 16: YouTube/Google Video SEO Ranking – Step by Step

Section 4: Final Tips to consider

Video 17: Dos and Don’ts

Video 18: Premium Tools and Services to Consider

Video 19: Shocking Case Studies

Video 20: Frequently Asked Questions

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No mumbo jumbo, fluff, filler or time wasting.

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Thank You  for reading this!

Your Friend,

Theo Poulentzas

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