Interview With Tomer Algrably: The Listbuilding Expert

Do you think it is possible to make thousands of dollars online? If you think it is just a dream, let me introduce to our today’s guest Tomer. He is an email marketing expert who makes $15000 every month while travelling the world.

Anoop: Please introduce yourself, what occupation did you come from? What was your experience before you got started with list building and email marketing?

Tomer: My name is Tomer Algrably. I was a programmer at Microsoft, and then marketing in ooVoo.

Anoop: Please give our readers some background on what your latest (online business) site is about?

Tomer: Currently we’re developing our coaching program, we make sure our students gets to $3000 a month after 3-5 months.
Before that I’ve developed our case study business in list building, and that is the business that I teach, where I currently make 15K USD a month and I’ve got it fully automated with 2 employees.

Anoop: What’s your mindset when it comes to becoming a successful list builder?

Tomer: The money is in the list, you should know that you actually have an “asset” when you have your own list.

Anoop: What did you try and fail with in listbuilding/email marketing and what should people avoid?

Tomer: is not so good, I do sell there my good traffic, but other sellers there are sending really bad clicks that I’m sure are not from a “hot” list.
Collecting name doesn’t help, only collect email address since today everybody knows that the name in the email that they get is what they entered, so you don’t want to lose 20% opt-in rate because of it.

Anoop: What’s one thing are you doing now that is working for you?

Tomer: Selling solos, I really enjoy selling them since it’s a sure money in the bank, and my clients are really happy about the results.

Anoop: How big is your list & how much are you making from it every month (if you don’t mind me asking)?

Tomer: 71,000 people on the email list and I make 15K USD a month net.

Anoop: Why do you think your business became so successful, while many others come and go?

Tomer: I actually started by investing around 4K USD from my own in the beginning, I notice that most of my students who start big, make it fast, while those who invest little amount of money, take it slower.

Anoop: Can you give us an idea of your average work day? I assume you wake up, get some breakfast, then what do you do?

Tomer: I already have a list of tasks from yesterday, so I read that and follow the tasks, at noon I usually hang outside, either in parks / malls / the beach, I don’t like to miss that sun, and in the evening I come back and work a few more hours.

Anoop: Why do you think 95 % of people fail when it comes to building a huge list of responsive subscribers?

Tomer: They stop building the list in the beginning, or slowing it down and swap small amount of clicks.

Anoop: Do you have any advice for those just starting out and looking to make a living with email marketing/listbuilding?

Tomer: Yeah, just go for it, believe the money is there, find your coach, I personally was mentored by Igor Kheifets, so I highly recommend him (although he is pretty expensive), but find the one that suit you and follow him.

Anoop: How long did it take you to make your first sale from your list?

Tomer: After I got the list, I sent them an email in the follow up sequence and I immediately got my first sale after a couple of days.

Anoop: How did you come up with the idea for this kind of listbuilding business?

Tomer: I found a mentor and he helped me set up the business, as I mentioned in the other question.

Anoop: If someone wants to find you and your latest offers, how they can do so?

Tomer: They can just contact me at:
Or contact my assistant at:

Anoop: What is the one thing you would tell someone if he/she is just starting out with listbuilding?

Tomer: There is a lot of money to be made in this field.

Anoop: Finally, if you had to start from scratch & only had 30 days to make your first $1000 what would you do?

Tomer: Actually most of my students get to $1000 a month within a month, so I’d do what they did, just invest the money in buying traffic that converts into leads (and sales that return some of their investment back), and in a month the list will be big enough to be making $1000 a month.

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