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My First 5k Week

Just weeks into the program, I brought in 2 high paying clients worth $2500 each, using just free traffic strategies. Before joining Anoop’s coaching program,
I had never charged premium prices, but now I do it all the time. And the best thing is I am working less than ever to achieve my income goals. Malik Emir

(Lead Generation Coach)

Got My First High Ticket Client After Just 3 Days

I just got my first high ticket sale – after just 3 days from the session on clarity! I charged €899 for a 4 weeks coaching, 4 hrs in total. Anoop wanted me to charge morwe, but I chickened out but I am still extremely happy with the result. It is the little changes to the program and big changes to my mindset that I made after my session that completely turned the game around, and I was able to get a high ticket sale that I would have never dreamed of before.
(I have been trying to create a coaching program and sell it for about 5-6 months now, with not much luck. This sale is a proof of what is possible if you trust your coach and take action.)
Guys, If you are struggling to attract clients, stop it and just get in touch with Anoop. He will change your life forever.

Juliette Stapleton

(Organic Marketing Strategist)

Anoop Has Changed My Life

Anoop met me on facebook, and I told him I was struggling to make my first sale.
He helped me create my first sales funnel and to my surprise within just a dayI Made My First Sale Ever. Anoop has changed my life, thanks man for your help and support… You Rock! Patikarn Golf Pengthong

I Will Be Doing Six Figures This Year

As a coach I am great at what I do, but marketing doesn’t come naturally to me. Anoop has really filled the gaps in my marketing strategy.
Before, I was shooting aimlessly and was getting frustrated. Like most coaches I was stuck in feast and famine cycle and needed a clear action plan.
That’s when I met Anoop. He helped me create a system that generates targeted leads predictably. When you talk to Anoop you can feel that he cares. He has been the best investment I have ever made in my business. Thanks to him I will doing six figures in my coaching business this year. Luke Lee Tet

(Leadership Coach)