You have been told that you need to select a niche to become successful online.

You have read a lot on the topic.

Yet something inside you is reluctant.

It’s not that you don’t understand the value of choosing a niche.

It’s just you can’t make up your mind. No matter how much you think about it. You are aware without a niche you won’t be able attract clients predictably.

Then why are you still stuck?

I think I know why… I was stuck in that loop for 2 long years before I finally gave myself the permission to select my niche.
And since then so much has changed for me.

I now find clients easily, I have increased my fees and I enjoy my work more than ever.

For me reluctance to select my niche boiled down to 3 Fears:

1. I Am Not Good Enough: I subconsciously believed that since I was not the absolute best at something I had no right to specialize or choose a niche. It took me a lot of time and self-love to realize “I am good enough”.

Recently, I was helping a life coach discover his niche and he was struggling with it for some time. 50 minutes in the session he had the epiphany that he has always wanted to help people struggling with social anxiety.

It also made sense as he has battled social anxiety as a teen and helped himself out of it. It made perfect sense, we have found his specialty and I was excited for a few moments only to realize.

He was super reluctant to choose it as his niche. I was shocked, he had finally discovered his calling but he didn’t want to move forward with it.

I guess after a few moments of realizing his life message, his inner critique started giving him all sort of reasons, why he is not qualified to coach people on social anxiety.

He was thinking that since he has not 100% mastered the social anxiety himself yet, he couldn’t choose it as his niche. Now here is a thing he is better than 80% of people out there, granted 20% of people are better than him, but that 20% isn’t his target market anyway.

Truth is we are all work in progress and there will always be somebody who is better than us. And its fine, you can learn from them and get better.

But by letting the self-doubt win he is doing injustice to 80% of people struggling with social anxiety, who are not as good as him, and could have greatly benefited from his coaching.

So whenever you feel you are not an expert at something just remember that you need to be few steps ahead to help someone. Start where you can, and improve along the way.

2. I Am A Master Of So Many Things:
This one doesn’t sound like a fear at all, so how it could stop me from taking action. That’s what you are thinking, right?

But some soul searching revealed it was a fear that disguised itself as an empowering belief. See I was scared of pigeonholing myself in one niche…

I was hiding behind “I am good at so many things so I can’t just stick to one niche.” After procrastinating for days… I finally made a list of all the things I was good at and noticed “Marketing” kept jumping at me. And that became a starting point for selecting my niche.

Note: Nobody is asking you to stay stuck in one niche forever, once you become successful your clients fuzzy the lines. People don’t want many fathers, they just want one.

So in my experience, if you teach someone how to excel at X it is only natural for them to ask if you can help them with Y.

As of now, I see a famous Guru Eben Pagan offering all sort of coaching programs in different niches such as how to start a business, how to be more productive, Get more dates etc.

He has expanded into many different niches and makes around 20 Million dollars per year. But it all started with one niche and that is “helping men get more dates”. (His company is called “Double your dating”) Don’t let the fear of pigeonholing yourself stop you from selecting your niche.

3. I Will Be Leaving Money On The Table:
Back when I was stuck in the scarcity mindset, I was thinking I had a big market and was spending millions in my head.

But in reality, I was struggling. And when my mentor suggested me to narrow my niche and be very specific on who I want to serve.

I felt the old guy has lost his mind. I was like: “You want me to say “NO” to people who are outside my niche and leave money on the table?”

Truth is I was being greedy, and I was stuck in the scarcity mindset. I felt by narrowing my niche I would be making less money, of course, the opposite turned out to be true for me and everybody I know.

Fact is nobody is great at everything; we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

The smart ones realize what they are great at, and what they are merely good at. The Point? You now know the 3 fears that paralyzed me and stopped me from selecting my niche.

If you have not selected your niche yet, I believe you have at least one of those fears is subconsciously holding you back. But trust me those fears can be overcome, once you decide.

Just imagine you have your niche figured out and you are crystal clear on who you serve. You precisely know where your target clients hang out.

You can get your message in front of them whenever you want, and inspire them to reach you out. Clients now chase you and ask you for your help, instead of you chasing them.

Isn’t life so much easier this way?
You bet…

All it takes is: Letting yourself become bigger than your fears.

Out of everything in life, Fear is the only thing that gets smaller as you run towards it.

So say it out loud “I Am Bigger Than My Fears”.

Say it every day, until it becomes a part of who you are.

And watch your life change in front of your eyes.