9 Ways To Get More Comments On Your Facebook Posts

It’s no secret that Facebook rewards engagement.

The good news is creating engaging content is not rocket science.

Today, we will explore how you can generate a lot of comments and “Likes” on your Facebook posts.

Why Facebook Comments?

Posts with a lot of comments demonstrate a sense of credibility.

Don’t you feel like a rock star when you get tons of comments on your post?

We all do…

Comments on your Facebook posts not only feel good, but they also get you more visibility.

But many times getting your audience to comment on your Facebook posts can be an uphill battle.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

With some tweaks, you can increase engagement on your posts instantly.

The best part is these techniques work for both your Facebook personal and business page.

So now let’s get into the meat.


The Three – E Formula For Getting More Comments On Facebook

This formula is the fundamental of anything you post on Facebook.

If you stick with this formula, your posts are guaranteed to get more comments than ever!

I learned it from Amy Porterfield.

EEE Here Stands For – Educate, Empower, and Entertain.

Any time you are about to post anything on Facebook ask yourself does it Educate, empower or entertain?

And if your post does neither of those things don’t put it on Facebook.

Make sense?

So Here Are A Few Examples Of EEE:

  • How To Solve X Problem – Education  
  • Quotes – Empowerment  
  • Memes – Entertainment

It’s a simple formula but a very powerful one.

So the next question is how to put this formula in action?

It’s easy to understand this formula in theory, but what specific actions you can take to get more comments right now?

Let’s talk about that next…

Here are 9 proven techniques that will instantly increase engagement on your posts: 

1. Ask Questions That Engage:

Asking engaging questions is the quickest and easiest way to get more comments on Facebook.

Questions work so well because answering questions makes us feel better about ourselves.

Here is the thing, if you want to get a few but insightful comments ask difficult questions, but if you want to get a lot of comments ask easy to answer questions.

If you ask a question that takes too much effort on the part of your audience, you won’t get many comments, hence decreasing the overall engagement on your Facebook posts.

Here are a few proven types of questions that have generated loads of comments for me:

Would You Rather Questions:

Example: Would you rather do 100 lunges or 100 Pushups?

Which Is Better Questions:

Example: Which is a better platform Facebook or Instagram?

True or False Questions:

Example: You create your own reality. True or False?

Fill In The Blank:

Example: My all-time favorite TV Show is ______

These are the kind of questions everybody can answer with minimal effort, so you get loads of comments and engagement pretty quickly.


2.Put The Spotlight On Your Audience:

The reason most companies fail to generate engagement on Facebook is because they are focused on themselves.

While there is a time for that, but if you want more comments you should put the spotlight on your audience, and let them shine.

Give your audience an opportunity to talk about themselves, their business, their choices, their suggestions etc.

Here are some prompts to get people talking about themselves:

–    What is that you do, explain without putting a link.

–    Ask a question that you would like advice on.

–    Share what book changed your life and how?

–    Tag a friend who does X

–    How you feel about X?


3. Bribe Them:

If nothing works, resort to bribery.

It rarely fails…

You can give away free tickets, coaching session, a new Tesla lol – basically anything your audience would love.

Your bribe can also be something that solves a problem your client is facing, something you could charge for but choose to give it away, for example a free report.

Here is an excellent example from MK Kabbani he is a master at generating a lot of comments using FB organic posting.


Also when people comment, they feel more connected to you.

Once someone has commented on your post, he is more likely to comment on your future posts and even share it with his friends, resulting in even more engagement.


4. Use Pictures That Capture Attention:

We live in a visual world.

People love pictures, that is why Instagram is growing at such a fast rate.

Human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text.

Since we are visual by nature, images can increase comments on your Facebook posts many folds.

According To Reports, Pictures On Facebook Get:

–    53% more Likes

–    104% more comments

–    84% more click-throughs

Another advantage of using images is people using mobile phones can consume visual posts much faster while scrolling their FB News feed.

But not all images are equal, and there are certain types of images that work better than others.

Here are the types of pictures that are proven to engage your audience:
– Funny Pictures: People Are On Facebook To Have Fun.

So the first step is to capture people’s attention, using funny images is a very powerful way to do that.

You can get engagement by posting random cat pics, but it is much more powerful to use a funny image in a context of your overall marketing strategy.

– Images That Capture People’s Attention:

Any image that breaks the pattern will capture people’s attention. Once you have done that your next job is to combine it with text that can further lead them to your desired action.

– Infographics:

Infographics are hot, they are simply images that educate. You can use infographics to represent your brand story, or your process etc.


5. Harness The Power Of Polarity:

“If you haven’t offended someone by noon each day, then you’re not marketing hard enough”
– Dan Kennedy

Leaders use this strategy all the time to get attention and influence people.

Most people try not to offend anybody with their posts.

Which is opposite of what you should be doing.

It makes your posts vanilla and boring.


According to Facebook any time you post, you are competing with 1,500 other stories in the News Feed.

So if you don’t stick out like a sore thumb, your audience will fail to notice you.

A powerful way to get noticed is to identify a person, company, or anything your audience hates, and then rant about it.

If done correctly you will attract super fans, fans who will comment on everything you post.

Just because you are raising your voice against the frustrations your audience feels but can’t express.

Some people will hate your posts, but they will still comment to express their anger.

While others will love your posts, and comment on it to express their gratitude.

When you harness the power of polarity typically your readers will fall in these three groups:

–    Those who agree with you (They will thank you in their comment).

–    Those who are neutral (They will watch like a spectator).

–    Those who disagree with you (They will post comments attacking you).

The good news is your super fans will start taking a stand for you and defend you from attackers, creating even more engagement on your posts.

Unless haters cross the line, don’t delete their comments.

Instead, use it as an opportunity to answer hidden doubts of your market, and show your audience that you stand for things you believe on.


6. Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You:

As you know FB loves engagement.

So if you want to make Facebook happy, engage with other people’s posts.

Comment and “LIKE” the posts you like.

Make it a part of your daily routine.

Sadly, most people scroll their news feed like a spectator, without “Liking” or commenting on anything.

But when they post, they expect other people to comment.

It doesn’t work this way.

You can’t get what you are not ready to give, like anything else in the world.

If you want more comments/engagement learn to comment on others posts


7. Always Mind Your Timing:

The question everybody wants an answer to…

What is the best time to post on Facebook?

I feel there is no such thing as the best time to post.

But there are guidelines.

According to HubSpot the best times to post on Facebook are:
9 Am, 1pm, and 3 PM.

Second best times are 10 AM, 11 Am, 12 Pm, and 2 PM

But will posting at these times get you the most comments?


The best time to post varies from market to market.

Only testing can tell what works for you….

To figure the best time for your market, try posting at various times from the above mentioned times, and observe for a few days.

Pretty soon you will be able to decide the best time for your particular market.

You can also use your fan page analytics to track your data
and see when your audience is online.


8. Don’t Reinvent The Wheel:

Figuring everything out on your own is the worst strategy.

Innovation is essential, but getting more comments on FB is not that complex.

Just look at the posts from your competitors that are getting comments, and model around them.

Remember success leaves clues.

If you see your competitors are using funny posts, try doing that.

If you see your competitors are sharing their brand story and it’s working for them do that.

It’s not any difficult than that.


9. Get Them Addicted:

People who have commented on your post have similar psychological needs as you.

You may not realize this, but most of your commenters are expecting a response from you.

It makes them feel appreciated when you “LIKE” and “Reply” to their comment.

Any time we feel valued and appreciated our brain is programmed to release the happiness hormone called Dopamine.

Sadly, that is why most people get addicted to drugs – to produce dopamine that they lack in their everyday life due to social isolation and trauma.

When you are the one boosting their dopamine by making them feel valued, they get addicted to that feeling (in a good way of course).

This makes them comment on your future posts.

So even if you think a simple comment like “thank you” doesn’t need your reply, reply anyway.

Tag their name in your reply and make them feel seen, every time they comment on your post.

Sure, it’s less time consuming to just “LIKE” their reply.

But if you want more comments, you must tag every person and reply back.

It also makes Facebook send a notification to all the commenters, which further boosts your post visibility and engagement.

All of this engagement doesn’t go unnoticed by Facebook, the algorithm notices this and rewards you by showing your posts more often in the news feed.

Is It Worth All That Effort Just To Get More Facebook Comments?

In A Word:


As I said, comments can boost your visibility and credibility…

But most importantly:

Comments Are Good For Your Soul.

If you’re posting stuff consistently on FB, but you get very low engagement, it’s easy to believe no one wants to hear from you.

But if every post you publish gets a lot of comments, you know people are interested in what you have to say.

Whenever I feel nobody is seeing my posts, my favorite things to do is post a fun question and engage with my audience.

Really, that’s what FB comments are.

They’re a hack to connect with your audience at will.

They’re a pat on the back from Mark Zuckerberg.

So if you want more comments, be more conscious of your content strategy.

If you want more comments, deeply care about your audience.

If you want more comments, make it easier for people to comment.

The good news is…

After reading this post, you’re equipped with everything you need to get more comments on Facebook.

So get to work.

Pick your strategy.

And watch comments flood in.

Don’t Do These 3 Things If You Want To Attract High Paying Coaching Clients

So you are a certified coach.

You are confident that you have what it takes to change people’s lives, become a prosperous coach and kiss your toxic job good bye.

You are excited about helping your future clients and have already started spending the money in your head.

You are telling everybody in your network how wonderful your coaching service is.

You have posted about it on facebook, linkedin and everwhere you can.

But till now nothing has changed, you are thinking may be people need more time to understand how you can help them.

Months have passed.

Every day you wake up open your email inbox in the hope that someone might have inquired about your coaching service.

You are sick and tired of staring at your computer every day. As you log out of your email, you can feel some of your hope fading away every day.

Now quitting your day job looks like a far fetched dream. It feels like you are never going to get ahead.

You work hard and have a good job, but late at night, you stay up and worry.

You’re afraid you will never be able to become a successful coach, and your dream is going to die a sad death.

You’re afraid all those things your friends and family said about your dream being unrealistic can be true, after all.

You still think the answer to attract high paying coaching clients is to keep your head down and work like a slave.

You think, if you work hard enough things will eventually shift, and clients will start lining up.

But the truth is that working hard isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to building a successful coaching business.

At least not until you stop doing these 3 thing.

So what are the 3 things you DON’T DO if you want to attract high paying clients.

Those 3 things are:

1. Don’t Specialize In A Niche

2. Don’t Solve Your Clients Problems

3. Don’t Sell Your Coaching Program

“Okay Anoop now you have taken it too far, Are you out of your mind!!”

“Those are the 3 things that make a successful coaching business, and you don’t want me to do them?”

Yes, I don’t want you to do them, and I will tell you why.

 1. Don’t Specialize In A Niche:

Let me get this straight, no matter what gurus tell you, specializing in a niche won’t help you attract clients.

Nobody cares which target market you serve. So it’s a waste of time.

People are selfish and so are you.

Everybody wants to know what you can do for them.

So specializing as a fitness coach for executive women just means that you have chosen a group of people you want to serve, nothing else.

But if you can specialize in helping busy executive women lose 20 pounds in 90 days without living in the gym, it will be a whole different story.

After helping a few busy executive women lose 20 + pounds goal you will become a go to coach for them.

Take away: Specialize in results not in niche

2. Don’t Solve Your Client’s Problems:

Many coaches give away truck load of content about how to solve X, in the hope that finally the market will take notice and will buy their paid program.

Now I am not against giving value in your content, what I am saying is, if all your content marketing strategy is based on giving away free tips, I think you are in trouble.

Do you know?

Almost 90% of your market is in awareness phase.

Which basically means that they are not yet fully aware of the real nature of their problem.

At this point they are not motivated enough to take action on your free info such as “How to lose 20 pounds in 30 days”

Just giving them free content on how to solve X won’t motivate them to take action or become your client.

The reason here is that they have not yet decided to finally fix their problem.

In their mind the effort it will take them to lose those 20 pounds is more painful than carrying those 20 extra pounds every day.

Your job is to make them realize how worse of a situation they are in.

Instead of just writing content on how to lose weight. Write content that makes them aware of the full spectrum of their problem and how it is affecting them on many levels.

Make them realize what will happen if they don’t solve the problem.

Talk about all the different angles those extra 20 pounds is affecting their relationships, affecting their life expectancy, describe the look of disgust they see on their spouse’s face etc.

All of this will motivate your target market to take action and finally decide to do fix the problem, instead of just reading blog posts after blog posts.

3. Don’t Sell Your Coaching:

Admit it…nobody is excited about your coaching service, and rightly so.

You want to sell your coaching but clients want to solve their problems.

So in a way your coaching program is what stands between their desired result, in a way it is an obstacle, a necessary evil.

Instead of selling how good your coaching is, sell the results you can provide.

Sell the sizzle not the steak.

Talk about the specific result that you can help them achieve. How their life will transform if they solve the problem.

How you helped your past clients solve their specific problem and how it transformed their life.

People buy results not your coaching, so don’t even try selling it.


Now you know how not doing those 3 things will increase your chances of attracting high paying clients many folds.

So just imagine logging in to your email again,

but this time when you login you see notifications from potential clients who are salivating to get on a call with you, you are booked for weeks ahead.

Now you have a new problem, you are thinking how you will handle all these clients alone, so you are planning to hire an intern to help you with some of the mundane tasks.

Instead of staring at your computer screen every day, now you are actually looking forward to get on a call with your new high ticket client.

Your clients are so grateful to have you as their coach.

All because you’ve decided to finally take care of the 3 DONTS explained in this post.

And more importantly, you decided to take action.

Now not only you are attracting high paying clients consistently, but you’ve finally started putting money aside for retirement, planning for your kid’s college education or saving up for a deposit on your dream home.

The friends and family members who used to secretly make fun of you are now asking you for advice.

Sounds impossible?

It’s not.

Get into massive action mode and flush out the stories that are stopping you from reaching your goal.

You now know what you have been doing wrong — Now all you need to do is correct your mistakes.
Your new life of freedom and possibility awaits.

If you don’t study, you’ll end up like me…

“If you don’t study you will end up like him,” my math teacher said barely holding his frustration back.”

(Partly, it was my fault, I was never good at Math, I am still not.)

“I don’t care about Math, because I want to become a web designer”, I said.

“So what do you know about building websites”, he asked

I stood silently for a few seconds, then left for home pretending I didn’t hear him.

Honestly, I didn’t know anything about building websites.

I just said that because that was the first thing that came to my mind and I wanted to save my face.

So I went to a local web design institute to inquire, the tuition fee was $500″ for a 6 weeks crash course.

My father was going through a rough patch at that time, so I knew it won’t be easy on him.

But still, I decided to ask.

He was having his breakfast in the hall.

I nervously sat in front of him.

“Papa I want to become a web designer, I said while holding my breath.

For a minute he didn’t say anything, finished having his tea then looked at me and asked.

How much?

“$500 for a 6 weeks crash course”, I said

” I don’t think you will be able to handle it, son”.

“I would be happy if you can graduate without flunking”.

(I was pretty bad at academics and I would rarely finish my assignments, to say I was not a bright student would be an understatement.)

“But you allowed Deepak (My elder brother) to join a web development training program, which he never even finished”.

He didn’t answer my question and left for work.

I knew he had his reasons, so I didn’t argue.

But the thought of learning how to build websites stuck with me.

I wanted to prove to my dad and my math teacher, that I am not useless.

But the problem was I had no money to learn Web designing.

Suddenly, it hit me even though Deepak never finished his web development training, he must have received some study material.

I sneaked in his room, and started searching for the wardrobe where he kept his books, after 15 minutes of searching I found two books:

“Basics of web development”


“Basics of HTML/CSS”.

I was happy as a clam.

Even though I never got to go to a Webdesign school I taught myself how to build websites studying my brother’s material.

Funny thing is to this day he can’t build a website even if you put a gun to his head.

Three years later I got my first paying Webdesign client, and a few months later I quit my job to go full time.

Since then I have built hundreds of websites for my clients and also for many of my online businesses.

The ability to build websites changed my life.

The point of telling you all this?

If my Math teacher would have not insulted me and papa didn’t say No to me.

I would not have felt motivated to learn building websites.

And I would not have become an Entrepreneur.

What I am saying here is as much as we hate insults and painful experiences, the truth is that they shaped us into the person we are today.

As Steve Jobs said you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.

So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Our lives are filled with experiences like this.

So I would love to hear:

What experience you felt was insulting at the time but later became the most
valuable lesson you wouldn’t trade for a million bucks

Sit Down And Bleed

Hemingway said – “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

But is writing that difficult?

Well, the answer is yes and no.

This quote might be true for novel writers, I know writing fiction can be really hard.

But for us experts and coaches, writing is not as difficult.

But somehow everybody wants to behave like they are writing the next masterpiece.

Your blog posts don’t need to be perfect, to get you clients.

If you are a coach or an expert of some sort, you have it much easier.

I promise you can write much faster if you do these two things:

1. Stop believing writing is super hard, it’s not. Not for you at least. It’s just like speaking. When you are speaking you are not thinking that much that is why you can speak easily. And the only reason you find writing hard is that you are judging yourself too harshly.

I would let Mark Twain summarise this for you: “If everybody talked the way they write, everyone would stutter.

2. The second and very important mindset shift I want you to make is I want you to stop writing. Yes, I want you to put words on the paper but you don’t have to “Write”. Sound confusing?

Here is the thing as an expert if you know your topic well enough, you don’t have to come up with super creative ideas, all you have to do is tell what you have already done.

Like what you have accomplished, how you did it, what kind of results you helped your clients achieve etc.

In other words, I am asking you to stop creating and start documenting.

These 2 simple mindset shifts will help you write at least three times faster.