You Don’t Need Testimonials To Get Clients

There I said it.I need to address this once and for all.A lot of coaches use excuses like:

“If only I had a few testimonials I would be able to get clients.”

Here is the thing, testimonials are easy to fake, and clients know that.

So they are losing their effectiveness.

Besides everyone even Tony Robbins started off with no testimonials.

So if you think you are good at what you do, stop worrying about testimonials.

Fortunately there is another way to get clients even if you don’t have any testimonials.

Experts have been using this for long.

In fact because of this many experts don’t even need to show testimonials sometimes.

The best part is once you have mastered this you will have more testimonials than you can showcase.

So what am I talking about?

I am talking about the ability to create Epic content.

Epic content, allows you to get Free marketing.

It allows you to solve people’s problems before they have invested a single dime with you (Testimonials can’t do that).

Content allows you to give results in advance, which builds trust and authority.

Imagine this, if my free content allowed you to get your first client would you even care about how many testimonials I have.

You can do the same…

Content is the name of the game.

So if you haven’t been putting out epic content yet.

Just do it.