These days big Gooroos are teaching how to show your vulnerable side in your content.

But many people confuse being vulnerable with being needy.

I think it is equivalent of trying to guilt trip a girl into loving you by telling her…

How fucked up your life is.

Doing this helps you get some attention from the girl (because of her nurturer energy).

But you can almost kiss goodbye to your chances of attracting her.

So let us talk how the same thing happens to needy entrepreneurs/coaches.

A coach reads a post from a big Gooroo, who tells him it’s all about interaction on your posts, and to get massive interaction he needs to share his vulnerable side.

And so he starts posting how pathetic his life is.

In his mind more interaction = more sales.

So he starts getting interaction on his facebook wall, and thinks he is on the right track.

But to his surprise nobody buys no shit from him.

Are you wondering why?

It’s all about getting interaction right?


it is all about getting the right kind of interaction.

Okay, so you remember how you never attract a girl by telling her your sob story, right?

Well, it works the same way in business.

Let me tell you nothing kills a sale quickly than projecting yourself as a victim.

People buy from leaders not from victims. If you create content with victim energy you will repel clients.

The client can feel it energetically.

So approach your content creation with a vibe:

“I am whole.”

It takes off much off the pressure and makes you much more efficient at creating content.

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