Yes, you read that right…

I Am A God, But Not The God.


The good news is You Are A God as well…


You want me to shut up already?

Wait, you can’t ask a God to shut up, can you?

Anywhoo, Let me try to explain myself here.

According to a recent study done by Cambridge, around 88% of the world’s population believe in God!

But do we actually know who is god?

Or what is god?

Jesus says:

“He who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.” (1 John 4:16)

So by that he means that god is pure love, not that he is all loving, but he is love itself.

That is probably why love is the most beautiful emotion.

Yet it is a human emotion.

If you study any spiritual teachers like Jesus, Buddha you will notice that they were in a state of constant bliss.

A state very similar to what we experience in the moments when we actually feel love overflowing.

By looking inside those spiritual teachers were able to achieve the state of constant bliss (State of unconditional love), and we intuitively recognize this state of consciousness as God.

And since those spiritual teachers were the one with that consciousness we declared them as the god, and made a religion around their teachings.

So that means in the moment where we are experiencing pure love we are in god consciousness.

Since love is an emotion we feel inside ourselves, and God is literally love.

In the moment we feel love overflowing We Are A God.

Now this is not about boosting our ego, it’s not like Yeah I am a god, and I can do whatever I want to.

No, in fact what I am saying here is totally opposite of that.

See ego is always scared of losing something to someone; it is always competing with others, in a way it helps us survive.

But pure love is not about competition, it’s about appreciation.

So that’s my concept of God, let me know what comes to your mind when you hear the word “God”.

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