So let’s talk about how to set up a high converting email capture page, in other words creating email capture page that closes anybody who is closable.

Before moving any further you must first understand that no matter how good your email capture page is some visitors won’t sign up and that is alright, just focus on the visitors who have signed up and you are on your way to success.

I have created an email capture page that converts at whooping 92%, but in general any email capture page that converts at 20-50% is considered very good.

Alright so let’s take a look at the four building blocks of a high converting email capture page:


1. A compelling headline

The headline is the first thing that the visitor sees when he lands on your email capture page; it’s your time to capture his attention.

If your headline fails to make your visitor feel that gut wrenching emotion then you are done. Best way to capture your visitor’s attention is the Incongruence Plus time frame formula as it instantly grabs attention and also helps your offer look controversial.

By Incongruent I mean anything that normally doesn’t happen.

Do you want to see an example in action?

“The Stupid System That helps A Former Driver Earn $300 Every 60 minutes”

Now let’s get into the formula:

Incongruence- It’s not common for a driver to make $300/hour, something s incongruent here, it breaks the pattern (pattern interrupt a common NLP knowledge) so it instantly grabs attention.

It also looks a bit controversial. we humans are designed to pay attention to uncommon things, because it gets back to our tendency of survival, anything that is unusual triggers a part in our brain that checks whether it is a threat to our survival or not.

Time Frame- Every 60 minutes, it gives reader a specific time frame which increases their excitement levels.


2. A sub headline that gives clear idea about your offer

Your sub-headline should tell your visitors what exactly they will get after they sign up to your list. Here is an example “sign up now to get your free report that teaches how to make $ 100/month with zero investment” .


 3. A very clear call to action

Remember the attention span of an online visitor is very small, he has got many things to get him distracted.

So your email capture page should have a very precise and clear call to action that tells your visitor what precise action he has to take to get the free gift.

For example you can use something like “Click here to enter member’s area” instead of the plain submit button. You can even make your call to action better by using an arrow graphic.

Some marketers have pointed out that by getting rid of the name capture section in the email capture page they have even improved their conversion, if you want you might as well give it a try (just a thing I thought I should share)


4. Scarcity

It is a psychological fact that people won’t take action until they have a strong reason to, and as proven by Robert Cialdini scarcity is a very powerful motivator that is present in every human being alive.

We don’t want to lose things. So make your offer scarce, make your visitors feel that they might lose something precious if they don’t take action now.

You can do that by simple putting something like “offer available till (put the date here)” in your headline or sub-headline.

So there you have it the 4 building blocks of every successful email capture page, virtually every successful email capture page has these 4 elements.

Now you too have the knowledge to make very high converting email capture pages and build a highly targeted list very quickly.

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