Most business owners think they  can just have a website up on the internet and somehow business will start pouring from the sky.

While this sounds good in theory, but it is far away from the truth.

Fact: Most websites never in their life time get any real paying customer. And by real customer I mean a visitor who actually took the desired action and converted into a customer.

Is that because there are no buyers on the internet?


People are buying billions of worth of stuff everyday online, and you can see the proof everywhere.

Have You Ever Booked A Ticket Online?

If yes then you have proven that there is money to be made online, and many people are doing that already.

So if that’s true for others, why isn’t your website getting any customers?

Today I will discuss five tips that can help any website to get more clients.

Here are the Five super powerful tips to turn a dull website (which has never fetched a single customer) into a blockbuster:


1. Communicate Clearly:

The main reason your website is online is to communicate what you can do for your customers in a clear & precise manner.

Research proves that if a visitor doesn’t find what he is looking for in the first five minutes of landing on a website, he will click the back button.

Still I see so many websites using irrelevant content just to fill pages. Your website must tell visitors the benefits of working with you.

Let’s face it: Competition is getting fierce every day, it’s a dog eat dog world. So if your website fails to give your visitors a strong reason to choose you instead of your competitor, you are done.


2. Get Clear About The Desired Action:

Before getting a website up you must be 100% clear on what is the desired action you want your visitor to take.

Do you want him to give you a call?

Do You Want the Visitors to fill the inquiry form?

Or something else?

So before anything else a business owner’s job is to get clear about the call to action (the desired action).


3. Attract Targeted Visitors:

This one is very important; in fact I would say the most important of all the factors.

Fact: Without targeted visitors no matter how perfect everything else is, your website is destined to fail.

Having a perfect website without any visitors is like having a store full of products but no customers.

Fortunately getting targeted traffic is not difficult.

Some of the main tactics to get targeted visitors are Search Engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) & social media optimization (SMO).

Now depending on your goal and budget your web designer might help you on this, provided he has the experience in online marketing (unfortunately which most of them don’t).


4. Get Rid Of Useless Stuff:

The new mantra of a high converting website is simplicity; you want your website to be as clear and as simple as it can be without compromising the quality.

I can’t count how many websites I have seen having over a dozen of things happening on a page at once.

Here is a typical scenario: A visitor lands up on the site and something irrelevant (out of dozen others) catches his attention he clicks on it and then he is gone forever.

Result: The website owner just lost a visitor who could have been a potential customer.


5. Engaging Content:

People using the internet are impatient and want solution to their problem quickly, irrelevant content will soon make them bored and click the back button in a blink.

Solution: Put only relevant and benefit oriented content on your website.

When a visitor lands up on your website he is not concerned about how many years you have been in the business, and what your favorite vacation spot is!

He just wants to know whether you can offer him what he wants.

Solution: Make it about them not you.

Indeed stuff like your company’s age helps in building trust and credibility, but that stuff comes after a website has successfully captured the initial interest.

So now you have the five super powerful tips to improve your website and start getting more clients.

Hope you learned something new today.

See ya around

Anoop Chawla

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