Beautiful, Affordable, Client-Getting Website – Done in 6 Weeks!

Are you tired of NOT having a website to send people to (or feel too embarrassed about your current site to even tell people it exists!)?

Would you like  “to have a website that is strategically designed to build a list of ideal clients?”

Do you dream of having a website that is both

beautiful and effective at getting potential clients to contact you? 

You don’t just want a website. You want a website that grows your business.

Let’s break down your options when it comes to creating a website…

Option 1: Do-it-Yourself (DIY)

If you’re tech savvy, have a good design sense, and know exactly how to create an effective site then this is a great option. But the problem I often see is coaches struggling for months to DIY their site. While they’re saving money, they’re definitely NOT saving time.

This means that instead of marketing their business, getting clients, and coaching clients (which is what they really want to be doing!) they’re spinning their wheels trying to complete their website and as a result are not bringing in much revenue.

Option 2: Hire a WordPress Website Developer

There are many web developers out there who have strong technical skills, but don’t understand the health coaching industry and how to design a site that converts. There are also talented designers who create beautiful designs but don’t know the strategy behind web design that builds your list and gets you clients.

I’ve spoken to countless clients who reached out to me after spending thousands of dollars on a website they weren’t happy with. You deserve to work with a team that has the marketing know-how, strong technical skills and design expertise to make your vision a reality – the FIRST time.

Option 3: Use a Website Platform Such as Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, or IIN’s Platform

These platforms are popular because they have the benefit of being relatively easy to use. What most people don’t realize right away, is that they come with limitations.

Because these aren’t WordPress platforms, you can’t design the pages of your website to look however you want. Many of our clients have felt trapped by the layouts these platforms offer. You also have less control over the functionality of your site. For example, you may be limited to using their shopping cart or be unable to integrate your email marketing system. You also won’t be able to use popular WordPress plugins for things such as pop-ups, social sharing, or SEO. These options also come with a recurring monthly fee, which can add up over time.

IF These Options ARE  Leaving You Feeling Stuck and FRUSTRATED,
DON’T Worry,There’s one More Option.

Hire Us To Create An Effective WordPress WEBSITE


Beautiful Design + Solid Marketing Strategy

Your website is a representation of you and your business.
It’s the image you present to the outside world.

Is professionally designed and fully reflects your personality and brand

Will grow your list of potential clients

Incorporates best practices from the health coaching industry and powerful online marketing principals to turn website visitors into paying clients

Allows you to easily make text changes, swap out images, and create blog posts yourself (so you’re not dependent on us or any other web designer to make simple changes to the site)

If you’ve been putting off creating (or redesigning) your site because you want to set it up
the *right* way and are afraid to fail, you’re in the right place.

At Marketing for Health Coaches, we’re committed to helping
YOU create a WEBSITE that is beautiful + gets you results.

Is a professional website the missing element to make your business thrive? We’re here to help…

Having a website that clearly conveys who you are and what you do can open up big opportunities for your business. When your website is designed strategically, you’ll find that your audience becomes convinced they want to work with you before you ever make them an offer.

Think of your website as a sort of interactive conversation you have with your prospects and clients that helps them begin to know / like / trust you – even while you’re sleeping! That’s the power of the right words and strategic design.

What’s Different About Us

There are a lot of web design companies out there, so you may be wondering,
what sets us apart?
Here’s a brief look at some of the ways we are different.

We understand your business and know online marketing.

As a former health coach, I understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve. AND, I’ve personally been in the world of online marketing for over 10 years. I know what works in terms of design, structure, and copy. You can feel confident that the website we create for you will be effective at building your list and getting you clients. There aren’t many teams that bring together online marketing know-how, beautiful design, and technical savvy like we do. We specialize in working with health coaches and wellness practitioners just like you. This is our passion!

Beautiful design that’s effective AND fits your personality.

You’re unique, and it’s important that your website reflects your personality and brand. Design is important to me and I love beautiful design. But more than that, I’m passionate about creating designs that are effective. You don’t just want a pretty site. You want one that helps your business thrive.

Professionally designed for less

Most seasoned WordPress web developers will charge between 3K-7K. With our brand-new website package, you’ll pay a fraction of this.

Quick turn around time – have your brand new website up in 6 weeks

You want to get your new website up quickly, so you can start to market yourself more effectively. Custom website projects can drag on for months. With our brand new website package, we’ve streamlined the process so we can have your new site up in 6 weeks. (If you need more time, that’s fine too.)

Done-for-You Website Copy that Attracts Clients To get you out of copy writing overwhelm

You know you want and need a new website, but does the thought of writing your website copy leave you feeling like a deer in headlights? Do you feel lost about what to write and lack confidence in your writing skills?

I often speak to (and work with) clients who’ve spent months trying to perfect their website copy. They’ve invested so much time working on and thinking about their website, that it’s holding them back from focusing on other areas of their business that desperately need their attention.

I’m on a mission to end your website paralysis.

My solution: Our brand-new website package includes Done-for-You Website Copy.

It’s never been easier (or more affordable) to create a client-getting website!

We of course want your site to have your personality and attract your ideal clients, but that doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel. Take a day or two to simply fill in the blanks in the website copy I provide and we’ll plug it into your new site. (Of course, you’re welcome to make any tweaks you’d like to the copy – or provide your own copy. I just want to make this as easy as possible for you – and get you out of “website overwhelm”. )

Professional Websites are most often too pricey I decided to fix this…

For the past 5 years, my team and I have been building custom websites for health coaches.

I love the work and seeing the new sites come alive!

But after years of charging 3-5K for our website packages, I have to admit that what wasn’t sitting right with me was that there were so many coaches I wanted so badly to help who simply couldn’t afford what we were offering.

I knew there had to be a way to create a more affordable, yet still high-quality, and highly-effective option.

(Don’t worry, if you’ve been in business for a while, have a website, but know you need something more effective – this is also for you!)

So my team and I went on a mission to create a new website package that would be accessible to more coaches – including coaches who are just starting out and don’t yet have a lot of revenue coming in the door.

Let’s face it, most coaches don’t have 5K to spend on a new website. And even if you do have the funds, why not save that for support with other areas of your business, or pay yourself a bonus and take a nice vacation!

Our website package includes custom design of your hero image (this is the main area at the top of your home page) as well as colors, fonts and images to make your site uniquely you. From there, we use our proprietary templates, so we can keep your costs down.

I’ve done a lot of research on the options available to you, and I have to say that I wasn’t able to find a website solution or offering that compares to what we’ve put together.

Our website package includes cutting-edge strategy, done-for-you website copy, beautiful and effective design, and quick turn around – on a budget.

Your Ultimate Website Solution!

Here’s what you get…

Instant Access to Our Online Tutorial: “How to Create a Website that Converts”

I created this tutorial because you don’t just want a website. You want a website that builds your list and gets you clients. That’s exactly what you’ll learn through this video series.

I know you’re busy, so I’ve designed this with short, easy-to-follow videos. You can go through these tutorials in 1-3 days.

Module 1: Clarify your niche so you can easily attract clients you love

Module 2: Discover the proven website structure that will help you reach your goals

Module 3: Create a compelling free gift that builds your list

Module 4: Craft your unique messaging – I’ll walk you through the Done-for-You Website Copy I’m providing and share exactly how to personalize it so it reflects your personality and attracts your ideal clients.

Done-for-You Website Copy

Get out of writing overwhelm and use the “fill in the blanks” website copy we’re providing.

Professionally designed website with blog, built on WordPress (with up to 9 pages)

Beautiful, custom designed hero image

Promotion of your free gift on your website

Integration of your free gift with your email marketing system

Set-up of your follow-up autoresponder email series

Set-up of Exit Pop-up to build your list

Mobile Responsive Design

Set-up of Google analytics

Video Tutorial on how to manage & make edits to your site

6 Months of Technical support (via email)

Get Started Today!

How the Process Works

Want to make sure the money you invest in your website gets you results? Watch these short, easy-to-follow videos and learn what works in terms of design, structure, and copy. You can feel confident that the website we create for you will be effective at building your list and getting you clients.

Feel lost when it comes to organizing your home page effectively? Don’t worry, we make it very easy for you. Simply choose one of our eight high-converting home page layouts. We’ll provide guidance on selecting the best option for your business.

Complete a branding questionnaire where you’ll share the look, feel & personality you’d like your site to have. If you have a logo, photos of yourself, and other images you’d like to appear on your site, you’ll also send those to us.

Our designer will then get to work designing the perfect “hero” image that will appear at the top of your home page.

Not sure what you’re looking for? That’s totally fine. By answering a few simple questions, we’ll be able to hone in on designs to fit your style. We’ll design 3 “hero” images for your review and feedback. You’ll share what you love and what you’d like modified and we’ll work on revisions to your favorite design. (You get 2 rounds of revisions.)

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